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University Diploma in Arts

University Diploma in Arts

The University Diploma in Arts is designed for students who wish to obtain an intermediate credential that provides grounding in the intellectual skills required of university studies. It is also a foundation for further studies in Humanities and Social Science. Students who have completed a more senior-level credential (e.g. Bachelor’s degree) may not enroll in the University Diploma in Arts program.

Students may be eligible to receive transfer credit from Athabasca University for the courses they have taken in the Blue Quills University Diploma Program if they wish to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree with that institution.


Program Requirements: 60 Credits are required to complete this Program

University Diploma of Arts Course List

A student may wish to substitute some of the core courses with AU or U of A courses providing they are within the same category. (eg. If it is a social science requirement that needs to be filled then the course would need to be a social science course and must be at the same level). Visit ACAT Website at to confirm transferability or talk to the registrar.

Note: Course and program requirements are subject to change.

To apply:

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