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Practical Nurse

To meet the growing needs within Alberta for healthcare providers Blue Quills in partnership with Norquest College is offering a rewarding and secure career as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) For students from various ethnic backgrounds. This program designed to meet a standardized provincial curriculum with a focus on the needs of the indigenous population.


The latest projections have indicated that the number of Aboriginal seniors is expected to grow more than two-fold by 2017 (Statistics Canada, 2005). In 2001, seniors represented 4% of the total Aboriginal population, and this is expected to increase to 6.5% of the total Aboriginal population by 2017. Like with the growing number of seniors in the Aboriginal population, the overall seniors population is expected to continue to represent a much larger proportion of the total population. The number of seniors in the general population is projected to grow from 3.9 million in 2001 (or 12.6% of total population) to 5.8 million (representing 16.6% of the total population) by 2017. Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1965 make up approximately one-third of the population, or roughly 10 million Canadians. The front edge of this generation will reach their 65th birthday in 2011 By 2031, boomers will range in age from 65 to 85, with the largest bulge — those born between 1959 and 1961 — near the tail end of the boom. The largest boomer health care effect will not, therefore, be felt until this group reaches age 75 in the year 2035.

Academic requirements:

-English 30-1 at 60%, English 30-2 at 70%

-Math 20 pure – 50%, Math 20 Applied -60% or Prep for PN Math

-Bio 30 – 60%

Non-Academic Requirements

-Personal Statement

-Immunization record

-Criminal record check

Must have the ability to perform physical tasks related to duties

All program students will be required to complete practicum placements and classes may combine in-class instruction with distance and experiential learning. Contact us To learn more about our plan to help you up-grade to meet academic requirements.

Upon successful completion of this 2 year diploma program, graduates will have to write a standardized provincial exam.


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