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Knowledge Mentorship

Indigenous Knowledge Mentorship Program

The Indigenous Knowledge Mentorship Program will be offered as a certificate and run as a pilot beginning in the Fall of 2015-16.

Comprised of ten courses over four semesters, this program intends to “bridge the generation gap between young and old” within the learning paradigm of the Cree world view. The program supports authentic learning to occur between apprentices who will mentor with Elders and knowledge keepers in environments conducive to the transfer of Indigenous knowledge, practice, and praxis. The apprentice and Elder mentor relationship shall be based on the Cree law of wāhkōhtowin; which relies heavily on familial and community constructs as the learning environment. Student learning is supported by the College in block course offerings on campus, with guidance from an Elders’ Council, and a site Coordinator who provides networking supports.

Indigenous Knowledge Mentorship Program Course List

Ind Know01

Admission Requirements

As a new pilot program, the first IKM cohort is intended to be selective of committed students. Students may be admitted to the Indigenous Knowledge Mentorship Program by meeting either of the two requirements:

  • Meet grade 12 matriculation or are non-matriculation adult students; or
  • Be at least 18 years of age with parental/significant adult endorsement and advocacy.

Interested students must demonstrate commitment to language learning and being a positive learner apprentice. In addition, basic keyboarding, word processing and Internet skills are anticipated of learners as technology will be utilized for maintaining communication with the College while the student is in the field. 

Applying to the Program

Applications will be evaluated on submission of the following required documentation:

  • Blue Quills Application for Admission (including processing fee)

    BQ Application Form (Printable)

  • Statement of Interest and Commitment
  • Three letters of recommendation – one from a parent/significant adult
  • Official college/university transcripts and/or High School transcript.
  • Attend a scheduled interview with the Program Coordinator and Elder’s Council.

An Elders’ Council will make a final decision on entrance of potential student apprentices.

Graduation Requirements

Students are expected to maintain full-time status, graduation from the program is based on the successful completion of the following requirements:

Completion of 30 credits and Elder’s Council decision

Future Career Potential of Graduates

With a solid Cree foundation, IKM graduates can pursue careers and continuing education of their choice. The IKM Certificate may ladder into a new pilot IKM diploma program to continue into a second year of mentorship studies. IKM is being considered as a pre-requisite for the Indigenous Health Sciences Program at BQ.