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Early Learning Child Care

Early Learning Child Care

The University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills Early Learning and Child Care Program has just changed its name from the former ECD (Early Childhood Development Program).

This program has evolved from best evidence in contemporary research and from the input of child care providers in First Nations communities surrounding UnBQ. With the success stories and challenges experienced by the people doing this very important work, the program was designed and enhanced, not only to meet the needs of child care workers in daycares but will allow students to transfer their skills to different child care settings.

The program components address; child development issues, planning and programming, relationships, practicum experience, and related course work in research, writing skills, and administration with a strong focus on Cree immersion methodologies. This design provides access to traditional Indigenous knowledge and childcare practices.

The home visitation component provides necessary training in bridging the gap between child care agencies and families. Students will develop skills in working with families in the areas of child development, health issues, early literacy, connecting families to community resources and being an advocate on the families’ behalf.

A critical feature includes research on brain development and has opened up views for practical strategies for children experiencing difficulties in healthy development, behavior management and trauma recovery. Child development concepts are explored in both Western and Indigenous terms.

Traditional Indigenous child care practices are central to the program. Innovative tools and elder teachings are utilized to develop effective Indigenous language resources whether you are a fluent speaker of Indigenous languages or not.


At the end of the program students may seek employment in:

  • Daycare Centers
  • Home Visitation Programs
  • K4 Playschool Programs
  • Group Homes
  • Headstart Programs
  • Dayhome Programs
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Afterschool Programs

Admission Requirements:

1.  Early Learning Worker – Level 2

  • High School or equivalent and Skills Appraisal Test/Interview

3.  Child Learning Supervisor – Level 3

  • Early Learning Worker Level 2

To apply:

BQ Application Form (Fillable)

To use the fillable application form please click on the link, fill in the form and email to

Early Learning Child Care Certificate Application Package (Printable)

Early Learning Child Care Diploma Application Package (Printable)

ELCC Course List

Early Childhood Development Resource Documents

ECD Framework Document

Bringing Home The Kids

The Gathering Compendium