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Camp Life Training

Standard First Aid Level “C” W/AEDThe Camp Life Training Program is based on the medicine wheel teaching. It is delivered in a wholistic approach meant to address the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the student. A significant outcome of an employment readiness (pre-employment skills training) program is to develop a worker who is “Emotionally” balanced and therefore, better prepared to respond to the demands of his/her work environment.

Personal Self Growth

Workplace success is often inhibited by the behaviors associated with many factors and in fact, what may be happening are two world views colliding and creating misunderstanding.  A significant amount of work throughout the thirteen week program will focus students on addressing strategies for dealing with unresolved lifestyle issues.

Academic Instruction

The academic curriculum relates directly to job literacy, mathematics, sciences, computer basics with the intent and ability to challenge the trades’ entrance exam. Emphasis is placed on work ethics and etiquette, exploring career goals resolving workplace conflict and creating a realistic view regarding financial obligations.

Cultural Components

Ceremony is the way of our people, everything we do relates to our relationship with life. Here at UnBQ we aspire to integrate ceremonies in every aspect of our program. We often host visiting Elders who share the wisdom, teachings, directions and facilitations of ceremonies. Our morning celebrations at camp involve a smudging ceremony and prayer to begin our day.


  1. Back Injury Prevention
  2. Bear Awareness
  3. Confined Space Level I and II
  4. Construction Safety Training
  5. Fall Arrest
  6. Fire Extinguisher Training
  7. Food Safe Handling
  8. H2S
  9. Standard First Aid Level “C” W/AED Training
  10. Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  11. WHMIS

Training Program Overview and Job Essentials (on the Job Training)

This program caters to individual learning styles using a range of multi-sensory activities and strategies. Students are required to stay on site to experience real shift rotations camp life.

Blue Quills programming takes into account the knowledge and experiences that our adult learners bring with them to the program; then finds creative ways to facilitate learning. Academic learning and hands-on practical experiences will be emphasized throughout the program.

Food Services

The students will gain knowledge pertaining to:

  • Keeping accurate records of inventory and ordering to ensure adequate stock is on hand.
  • Assisting the cook in food preparation and the art of sandwich-making.
  • Ensuring the kitchen and dining areas are clean and sanitary at all times.
  • Ensure all the food allergies of clients or employees are reported to the 1st Cook.

Housekeeping Services/Janitorial

The students will gain knowledge pertaining to:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing camp using acceptable Provincial standards.
  • Addressing concerns & requests with a sense of urgency and take necessary corrective action including timely follow-up.
  • Recording and utilizing appropriate log books necessary for proper documentation.
  • Conduct quality assurance inspections.
  • Follow Preventative Maintenance Programs for cleaning equipment such as daily cleaning of dryer lint skirts to avoid any fire hazard.

Management & Administration (clerking and team leaders)

Students will gain knowledge and skills pertaining to:

  • Front desk duties using public relations skills in a manner consistent with policies and procedures.
  • Establishing clear communication links between all people.
  • An understanding of Federal, Provincial and Municipal regulations and statutes related to Occupational Health & Safety.


For more information Contact:

Camp Life Training Program Lead, Lorna Redcrow: 780-645-4455 ext. 108 or Camp Life Training Admin Assistant, Noella Harpe: 780-645-4455 ext. 106

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