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Bachelor of Arts in Cree

Bachelor of Arts in Cree

The Bachelor of Arts in Cree Language Program focuses on developing the student’s level of fluency and comprehension in nêhiyawêwin.

In addition to improving oral mastery in nêhiyawêwin, the program’s goals and objectives also include grounding students in the following:

  • Cree grammar,
  • Second language acquisition methodologies (L.A.M.P., M.A.P., P.W.I.M., A.S.L.A., T.P.R., etc),
  • Improved literacy in Standard Roman Orthography and Syllabics, and
  • Community revitalization activities and projects.

These goals will be achieved through immersion programming and application of practical and task based learning.

The non-fluent first year students are required to attend 4 days of immersion instruction and assessment will be based on oral proficiency.  The fluent first year students program will have a stronger emphasis on understanding of Cree grammar and second language acquisition methodologies.

Second and third year will continue to focus on:

  • Improving students level of fluency,
  • Second and third year level of Cree grammar,
  • Continuation of language acquisition methodologies, Cree literacy skills,
  • Exposure to Cree Guides to Implementation, K-12 Programs of Study and other school mandated Cree curricula,
  • Year, unit and lesson planning, and
  • Practicums, Service learning and community revitalization activities.

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