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Health Sciences

Indigenous Health Sciences Program : Program Brochure

Indigenous Health Sciences Program 

Students with an interest in health and healing are encouraged to apply for participation in this unique learning experience that balances exceptional academic opportunities and hands on experience of Indigenous Knowledge and Traditional Healing. This program will provide a foundation and understanding of traditional health and healing and help build the skills and abilities necessary to succeed in their ongoing training in the health sciences and health care professions.

The Indigenous Health Sciences Program will also provide students with the opportunity to develop personal, academic, and professional skills. The academic portion of the program will be tailored to the assessed needs of prospective students with a focus on completion of the courses necessary for entrance into their chosen health professional or paraprofessional programs .

Along with being provided the opportunity to meet and learn from respected traditional Elders and Healers, students will also be provided with the opportunity to meet and be mentored by Indigenous researchers, health administrators, and health professionals from a wide range of health science fields (environmental health sciences, medicine, midwifery, naturopathy, nursing, etc.).

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Admission Requirements:

  1. Vision, passion, and commitment to personal health and healing
  2. Commitment to community service and community health and healing
  3. Personal and community references and support
  4. High School or equivalent evidence of academic achievement or work experience
  5. Academic skills assessment
  6. Interview with coordinator

Successful applicants will be given the opportunity to complete University credit courses as well as the prerequisites necessary for their choice of health profession. Depending on the applicants desired educational path, it is possible to complete an undergraduate degree in parallel with the completion of the Indigenous Health Sciences Program requirements for graduation.

The goal of the Indigenous Health Sciences Program is to assist students to become whole healthy people with the skills, abilities, and strengths to provide health services and healing to our communities and nations.